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It started back in 2004 when our good Dutch friends, Marc & Marielle travelled to Nicaragua in search of a different life away from the hustle and bustle.

The first time they visited the location where Buena Vista Surf Club would be situated, they could hardly see the ocean; it was totally overgrown with bushes and trees. There was no one else in Maderas except a few huts at the beach. They fell in love with the area and figured that this would be the perfect spot for a small and peaceful eco resort.

A decade of hard and impressive work, Marc and Marielle decided to start new ventures and have placed BVSC into new hands. Aware of the big shoes to fill, we have a lot of respect for what BVSC has stood for and we plan to keep it just the way it is;

A private, tranquil eco get-away, surrounded by nature and taken care of by our wonderful staff whom we call family.