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How To Get Here

Please note, the conditions of the roads in Nicaragua can be poor (especially in the rainy season). You will need a 4WD vehicle to get up to the lodge. If you come here with your own vehicle, please make sure you arrive before 6PM, since it is hard(er) to find us in the dark! If you’re making your own way here, below is a map of our location.

Arriving from Managua


Take a taxi to the bus station for long-distance routes, leaving from Mercado Roberto Huembes. Buses to San Juan del Sur leave there. In a regular bus it will take you approximately 3 -4 hours to San Juan Del Sur.

Please check the local bus schedule.

In San Juan del Sur you can either take the beach shuttle at Casa Oro or a 4WD taxi. The shuttle will drop you off at playa Maderas, a 5-minute-walk from the lodge (not recommended with suitcases or trolleys). Alternatively, we can arrange a 4WD taxi for you from San Juan del Sur, which will bring you straight to the lodge.


Leave the airport (take a right turn) in the direction of Tipitapa. Follow the sign for the “old road to Tipitapa (vieja carretera de Tipitapa)”. After that, follow the signs to Rivas or Peñas Blancas. After Rivas you will see signs for San Juan del Sur. 10-15min after passing Rivas, take a right at the junction of ‘La Virgen’. From there it is approximately 20 minutes to San Juan Del Sur (18km).

Just before you enter San Juan Del Sur take a right at city hall (big square building). From there you will find signs for “Playa Maderas”. This road is called “la Chocolata”; the first section is paved (about 1km) the rest is dirt road. If you drive past a Palí supermarket on your left, you have gone too far. Return and take the first left!

Take la Chocolata road for approximately 15-20 minutes until you come across a little bridge with a low yellow railing. Take a left after the small bridge (you will see signs for “playa Maderas”), and you will come to a big bridge over a (dry) river bed. After crossing the river, the road forks. Take the left fork to Playa Marsella / Playa Maderas and continue for approximately 5 minutes. You will go past the ‘Mango Rosa resort’ on your right hand side.

The road forks again, take the right fork, signposted to “Playa Maderas”. After a short drive take a right at the next fork, you will see two brick towers on the left, and a sign for “Playa Maderas” on the right. You should engage 4WD at this point. If relevant to your vehicle (especially older ones) don’t forget to lock the hubs on your front wheels when you put the car in 4WD.

Go up the hill, and when at the top (you’ll see a big hotel with a green roof in front of you), keep left and follow the road down the hill. Once at the bottom of hill (150m before the beach) you’ll see a small wooden ‘BVSC’ sign in the trees on the right. Take a sharp right (you will see a wooden house with a ‘Massage’ sign) and follow that road up the steep hill. We are on top of the hill on the left hand side.

If you hit the beach, you’ve gone too far. Turn around and, at the foot of the hill you just came down, take the left fork (rather than the right fork back the way you came).

Normally the trip from San Juan Del Sur to our place takes approximately 20-30 minutes depending on weather and road conditions.

The total trip from the airport to the lodge should take approximately 3 hours.

Arriving from  Costa Rica


The easiest and most comfortable way is to take the Ticabus or Transnicabus. These are air-conditioned buses with an onboard toilet and coming from Costa Rica you won’t have to switch buses at the border. Once you have entered Nicaragua (after immigration) just get off at “La Virgen” (let the bus driver know you want to get off here!). This is approximately 20 min after leaving the border. From La Virgen you can take a taxi or local bus to San Juan del Sur.

The cheaper alternative is to take a normal bus to the border (Peñas Blancas). After crossing the border, take a bus on the Nicaraguan side (one which goes in the direction of Rivas) and get off at “La Virgen”. At the junction of “La Virgen”, either catch the bus from Rivas heading to San Juan del Sur or take a (shared) taxi.


A slightly more expensive option, but way easier, is to take a taxi direct from the border to San Juan Del Sur or Playa Maderas. Please let us know if you want us to organize a 4WD taxi from the border (approx. 40USD), which you will need for the final couple of hills at Playa Maderas.

We can also organize a taxi from Liberia airport. Please ask us for details.

In San Juan del Sur you can either catch the beach shuttle at ‘Casa Oro’ or a taxi. Either one will take you to playa Maderas, a 5 minute walk uphill from the lodge. Or we can arrange a 4WD taxi for you from San Juan del Sur, which will bring you straight to the lodge.


Head for the border (Peñas Blancas) and after crossing the border follow the signs for Rivas. After approximately 30 km take a left at the junction of ‘La Virgen’ (you will see signs for San Juan del Sur, 18km).

Please see above for directions from San Juan Del Sur to us.

Attention: Almost all rental car companies will not allow you to cross the border with the rental car! You might have to change cars at the border. Please check with your rental company in advance.